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Flexwerk&ik online now

Time for a little review So it was my first time implementing an iDeal solution, and I have to say it’s not that scary after all. But finding a ready made solution is. I gues there’s room on the market … Continue reading

CSS Specificity

So #id’s should always override .classes right? Well apparently until you go beyond 255 classes it won’t! Check out Cris Coyier’s example over at codepen: http://codepen.io/chriscoyier/pen/lzjqh

The auto F5-er

When you’re in the CSS-zone hitting F5 and praying for a refresh can be a real drag. Well someone finally did some ajaxification for that one. So grab your copy here:  http://cssrefresh.frebsite.nl/

Responsive zen state

The rounding of percentages in to pixels generally creates hell for responsive layouts in pretty much all browsers. So this guy has an interesting attack vector for getting into that much desired zen like state. So meditate on this piece … Continue reading

Site speed

-note to self- DON’T use text-shadow with 200px blur. Javascript animations don’t like that. Got me a grade A again with YSlow :D  but found that js minify don’t go well with canvas. Guess I’ll wait for the update…

CSS media queries

handheld css; @media query Continue reading