Developing for mobile

Devving for mobile devices generally revolves around the idea that they have a slow connection to the web and a small screen. The official idea these days is to develop bottom up, so cater for small screens first then load the bigger images as you go up in screen size. Two problems tho.

First off, screen size doesn’t tell you anything about viewport size.

document.documentElement.clientHeight and

Second, viewport size doesn’t tell you anything about the connection speed.

Keeping a list of http-headers updated seems like a lot of work (check those comments). Also what about devices, like iPad’s (1024px) that can also connect through (fast-)wifi. Should we provide those users with an (popup) option?

Questions, questions, I guess for now I’ll just stick with the official @media query bottom up solution as found in the mobile-boilerplate and leave it at that.

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