Some fresh music from me

Dubby music galore on my new album.
I had totally forgotten that I had some music up on Jamendo and so I was pleasantly surprised to see that after 3,5 years those old track have around 700 listens, a whole bunch of downloads and even some reviews. So I decided to put up some recent tracks and since the main theme throughout these tracks seems to be their dubby nature I figured let’s call that album “Dub’s”

So here’s the link:

Not to happy with the conversion of the last 2 tracks. But that can be corrected I suppose. Musically there’s 2 post-step tracks that somewhat survived the conversion eventho they’re really bassy on proper speakers. One ambient track and 2 techno tracks with TKK being my latest effort. It seems the conversion cuts of everything below 80 Hertz so a lot is lost in translation and, like I said, the last 2 techno tracks seem to suffer the most.

bliep tuut

queue numberphiles and tinfoil

Netcat (not the tool) kernel album!?

Here’s a world first for ya. An album to be compiled as a linux kernel module.
quote from the repo:

“Welcome to the most unnecessarily complicated Netcat album release format yet.”

Tho the music can be categorized as ambient/drone, I like it. Some drone music can become annoying to listen to, this one doesn’t. So as far as my review goes I kinda like tho it won’t be really memorable. Anyway, you can torture yourself with the repo on Github here: usrbinnc/netcat-cpi-kernel-module

Or listen and buy a cassette tape (hell yeah) over on Bandcamp here:


Netneutrality in the last week

tread lightly

“if Broadband Provider X began degrading its best-effort Internet access platform to favor its ‘prioritized’ content, such that most applications and content loaded more slowly on X’s network than on its rivals’ Internet access platforms, customers would begin switching to those rivals en masse,”-AT&T said.

As of June 2012, 48 percent of US households had just one choice—or zero choices—for fixed broadband service of at least 6 megabits per second, according to FCC data.

In Holland we have some choice and I wonder how the rest of Europe is doing in that respect.

battle with code

Fight the evil ogre’s with code and learn some JS along the way.

check out


lovin this quote:

“We have given a private organization an authority-like mandate to collect tax-like fees in the billions backed by threat of force, and tasked them with finding the appropriate receiver of the collected funds. If they don’t find the receiver, with no formal requirement of actual effort to do so, they get to keep the money for themselves. What could possibly go wrong here?” – R, Falkvinge

pi project time

ah my raspi finally arrived, so it’s time to tjek the interwebs for usefull stuff and I gues this is link no. 1

realtime face tracking in JS

Start drawing your darthvader mask and hook it up through svg in javascript in real time.

It shouldn’t be to difficult to hook this up in touchdesigner I’d say

glide by shooting

hyper stills are cool

tool of the day: richsnippets

seems to only work in chrome tho..

Flexwerk&ik online now

Time for a little review

So it was my first time implementing an iDeal solution, and I have to say it’s not that scary after all. But finding a ready made solution is. I gues there’s room on the market for this kind of work.

The main shopping solution is wp-ecommerce by and it nice, well on the surface anyway. Under the hood the code seems rather patched together which in turn results in a tremendous amouth of linked style sheets and javascript files and even some inline stuff. Add on a last minute contactform7 and some jquery ui and u end with another days worth of work.

Designwise we went through about 6 diffrent versions and ended up with a bit nicked of the flat ui thing over at designmodo and a bit of that metro style from win 8. Stuck with large sans font for the type since there’s about 60 pages worth text.

so without further ado, may I present u



link update

enough with the fun, here’s something awesome if you can’t decide which font to use

WebRTC kicks ass

A new kid on the html5 scene, webRealTimeComms enables stuff like real time audio or video but can basically handle any file. So keep your eye on this site here

p2p sharing in the browser, hell yeah!

ps. this is brand spankin’ new so not all security details have been ironed out yet, but since it’s on github I recon that won’t take to long.

metadata plotting

This german politician has done it. well sort of..

in other scary news; motorola is still looking over your shoulder

Pirate radio! Comming to a wifi hotspot near you

Mac has had airplay for some time now, but now someone finally made that stuff opensource, so we all can stream our music via wifi.

boring site here:

repository here:


img slider

There are tons and tons of sliders out there, but i like this one for various reasons but most of all, it works well with WP without mesing the existing system up to much, which keeps it easy to explain to customers


Old forgotten photo’s

find of the day @ the nat geo offices. Now available @ tumbler

css hack otd

Using ‘justify’ on boxes to center/divide a horizontal menu.

Really only needs a clear (fix) element {width:100%} to work.

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css hack of the day

When (ab)using inline-block-based layouts, checkout the “white-space” between your elements. You’d might want to fix that by setting your font size

font-size: 0.1px;

Reducing lineheight, word-spacing or letter-spacing will get you the same result.

I want my @media all and (min-speed: ~1Mbps) {}

Not kidding.. Was just reading about legislators playing catchup on cookies (ET-Tags anyone?) and then reading another article about FOUT and using lazyload cookies to cater for those instances..

So serving ‘low bandwidth’ styles for retina displays whilst conforming to the 3rd party cookie-law

Yo mr. browser vendor, give me my bandwidth-speed detection please. And someone please send those guys up the hill an postcard with some greetings from the present, and politely tell ‘em those cookies are a bit stale.


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de nl wet op git

Cool idee wel. Alle wetten die uit t haagse komen op github gooien. Open data = ? open overheid? we’ll see.

WAMP pro-tip

So for developing WordPress site locally I’ve been using WAMP over XAMP for a while now. I prefer WAMP because it just starts all services without any hassle. With XAMP there’s a few extra clicks involved. That’s all really, I mean they both work just fine for me. But recently changing to “pretty url’s” somehow stopped working. Now instead of digging through lines of code in the httpd.conf -ig file for the mod-rewrite switch with WAMP you can just:

click on the WAMP icon and go to > Apache > Apache Modules > Rewrite_module

and make sure it’s ticked on. Thats all. As to how it got switched off tho.. I’m totally clueless.

Fresh test tool from ie

M$ just released a new testing tool for your websites over @

Dunno what is has to do with IrEland tho but I just gave it a spin, and I really like the vendor prefix test it has. It also tests for framework versions which is nice but be carefull with just upgrading your js framework since these sometimes drop or rename fuctions that some of your code may be dependant on.

Another nice feature is the BrowserStack test, but that one doesn’t quite come free. But some googlefu will get you there.

Bootleggin’ part 2

All Ride kwam op een zondag avond laat wat nummertjes spelen, dus ik zelf was er niet bij. Maar ik heb wel m’n hand weten te leggen op de stiekeme opname, waarvan nu het resultaat te downen is op de bootleg pagina.


Eindelijk kwam Back In Town hun akoestische set een keer doen op de Sessie Dinsdagavond in de kroeg en ik heb t zaakje heimelijk op zitten nemen.
Tjek op de speciale bootleg page het resultaat!


CSS Specificity

So #id’s should always override .classes right? Well apparently until you go beyond 255 classes it won’t!

Check out Cris Coyier’s example over at codepen:

With or without

yooouuuuu padding + margin + borders. In other words how to adjust your box-model to include ‘em. But you already knew that didn’t didn’t you.

*, *:after, *:before {
    box-sizing: border-box;  /* or content-box or inherit */
    padding: 0;
    margin: 0;

So how about support:

Chrome (any): box-sizing
Opera 8.5+: box-sizing
Firefox : -moz-box-sizing (unprefixed since ??)
Safari 3: -webkit-box-sizing (unprefixed in 5.1+ versions)
IE8+: box-sizing

And then there’s padding-box which is just weird (inset/outset on borders!..) and FF only so you can forget that. And, one more thing, there’s the min/max-height thingy. But you can checkout this excellent jsFiddle on that.

The auto F5-er

When you’re in the CSS-zone hitting F5 and praying for a refresh can be a real drag. Well someone finally did some ajaxification for that one. So grab your copy here:


from the 'stuff you ought to know' dept:

Cross Origin Resource Sharing. So browsers these day’s raise red flags when content is fetched from different places (think API’s), and rightfully so. Still, adding stuff like a twitter feed is a common request by clients these day’s so how to circumvent those red flags. Well that’s what C.O.R.S. is supposed to do, so go read up on the matter:

and an excellent tutorial:

web fonts

By now everybody’s heard of google’s webfonts. But what I’ve seemed to missed tho was that adobe is doing the same thing these day’s.

So go get ‘em all @:

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